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Date: 09-09-2012 19:52

Sorry by Eric Cruz

Written by: Eric Cruz

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Dil Deya Mehrama

Date: 02-09-2012 20:07

Dil Deya Mehrama

1. Gal dssan tainu del deya mehrama, asi tere ishqe de mare ni,,

   dekhi kite dil na tu tod dyi, tainu pyar bda kran mutiyare ni,


2. Tere rang wich ranga, nitt khair teri mangan,

   Sochan khul jave bari, jdon gali teri langan,

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Castro Ft. N.y.s.o.m.- Ape Shit

Date: 25-07-2012 03:26

Hip Hop track.  Artists are Castro and N.Y.S.O.M. (Corey Hancock and Noel Maldonado.)  

Instrumental produced by Corey Hancock and Noel Maldonado AKA OMG Beats.

Sample in Instrumental from God Of War 3


Date: 23-07-2012 15:33

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Time For A Change

Date: 20-07-2012 18:24

Time for a change of men that I have expeienced in life.

Hold On

Date: 20-07-2012 05:37

With out God I could not hold on no longer

It's 2 Late

Date: 05-07-2012 20:36


Dijion Brunson

Its 2 Late



Tryna stop me but it’s too late (3x)

Tr-Tryna stop me but it’s too late

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Caramel Apple Records

Date: 21-06-2012 01:00

The music branch and official record and recording company of shabbay road

So Far (Original Mix)

Date: 17-06-2012 15:17

Original house mix by Rizy.

Dj Vesh Logo

Date: 13-06-2012 14:38

DJ Vesh Logo