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Marcanum X

Date: 13-11-2011 09:42

I hereby own the Master of Ceremonies Pseudonym, \"Marcanum X.\" No other MC has or should have this name under any circumstance.

All verses, beats or various forms of art created by me, Marcanum X, are copywritten works, unless I give full permission to the individual(s) for usage of my work.

It's That Time Of Year Again

Date: 09-11-2011 03:50

(Verse 1)

It\'s that time of year again

Spending holidays with friends

No one wants to see it end

It\'s that time of year again

(Verse 2)

It\'s not because of all the gifts

But it\'s the praises that we lift

So don\'t allow your minds to drift

Just keep your focus on God\'s gift


God\' ... read full works ››

Love The Hurt Away

Date: 09-11-2011 03:39

(Verse 1)

There was a time when I was down and out

Seemed like everybody \'round me was pulling me down

I\'ve had friends to turn their backs on me

Even some tried to take away my dignity

But I prayed and I prayed

It seemed like the way was never gonna be made

But just as I was about to give up

That\'s when I heard J ... read full works ››


Date: 06-11-2011 01:42

Music type: Song

Music composed and arranged by: Ronald Hutasuhut

Lyrics by: Ronald Hutasuhut

Created in year: 2010

First published: 2010


Vap Publications

Date: 15-10-2011 14:31

This is the musical album for the broken hearts based on every one realistic border of life 

Counter Strika Klán

Date: 15-10-2011 10:16

Ezt a weblapot a Puma-Hosting készítette!

Dunn Deezy-la La La(feat.bino)

Date: 10-10-2011 21:45

Swiss Music Group/Put Up Or Shut Up Entertainment Production

The Limit

Date: 09-10-2011 13:33

i apolagize. ido know that i love you.  if you need me call me jazzy. more than you know.  rock me baby.  the limit.  you make me fill good inside

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