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Blessing Business Safety

Date: 22-11-2006 00:55


God is in the blessing business; He\'ll supply your every need, so don\'t expect nothing less.  If you have a problem He is the problem solver that you need, Mmm; So if you\'re standing in the need of a blessing, Give Him your life!

He\'s blessing me (repeat and elevate as directed); So if you\'re standing in the need of a b ... read full works ››

Blazer School Song

Date: 14-09-2006 07:42

Blazers, Blazers, we sing your praises

Our future is in your hands,

rally rally for old Sun Valley

The best school in the land


Jesus Loves

Date: 30-08-2006 04:20

This CD is an instrumental made by Raymond Charles jr. and is produced by Q .  Manager is Kenneth Charles .  This CD is a Gospel instrumental.

Jamie's Original Songs

Date: 03-07-2006 12:21

God Almighty

God is the maker

Of the heavens and the earth

God is our creator

He knew us from birth


God is the rock

We can go to him in prayer

God is our healer

And all our burdens He will bear



He knows

And He cares

Abo ... read full works ››

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