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Avuhkigh Gimmie It

Date: 01-01-2016 06:00

hey baby you look fine
do you wanna be mine
u dat girl i cant find
im tryna do time
me n u together
this that freestyle shyt like me and u together
win together boo together
u know we do together
me and you together like gear and lever
im special just incase u aint understand im ghetto
hit em wit that echo
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Avuhkigh Blackout

Date: 31-12-2015 23:53

ok bitch u got me in court
now member bak in day use 2 hold fort down
now u wanna go around
explode the sound of private
how could dat be that my bitch
damn now im all alone
for no pretending saying
theres consequeces
for what u saying
cops come and im evading
its 2 much 4 u b seeing im gin
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We're Ready

Date: 30-12-2015 06:52

melbourne bounce edm musical track titled we're ready

Crazzyzone : Tunes [vol.1.0]

Date: 29-12-2015 16:58

CrazzyZone : Tunes [Vol.1.0] by. CrazzyZoneMusic.

This is an non-profit instrumental album released in december 2013, available on, 

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Date: 29-12-2015 12:59


Date: 29-12-2015 12:28

511 The Lifestyle: Ep1

Date: 29-12-2015 03:29


Naked Kisses

Date: 27-12-2015 22:10

Naked Kisses
Created on December 11, 2014
Words written by: Kareesh Forreal Production by: QZ DaMusiqman Productions
(Kareesh some input during process)

Naked kiss, naked kiss, oh, oh oh----
Ooh, give me wet kisses. Got me all in a tizzy, I see you about that.
(Ooh) Where you going? Don’t stop touching. Because I see you ain&r ... read full works ››

From The Woodpile

Date: 27-12-2015 15:31

From the Woodpile by The Dubious Brothers: Rob Sunderland and Bruce Scofield - 2015. 

Rob Sunderland compositions: Colors, She Said, One Day at a Time, Shelter from the Norm, If We Could Just Trade Places, Me and My Devil, How Long.

Bruce Scofield compositions: Family Farmer, Overdevelopment Blues, Feels Like Home, Western Massachusetts, You Can L ... read full works ››

Triple S

Date: 27-12-2015 11:25