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Saque La Campana - Spanglish Version

Date: 24-12-2015 16:17

lyrics are attached

Letra de canción de Bombotunes ­ SAQUE LA CAMPANA
Version Ingles: Jack Hernandez
Compositor Letra: Jack Hernandez/ Robinson Proano
Saque la campana
ti ti tiki tan tan
I wanna hear your whistle
ti ti tiki tan tan
y esque cuando lo cante
tiene que bailerle bien despapanante
con un ... read full works ››

Bien Buena - Spanglish Version

Date: 24-12-2015 16:15

Attach are the lyrics of the song


Letra de canción de Bombotunes ­ Bien Buena (Feat. Dennys The Black) de Caribe 2015
Letra Ingles: Jack D. Hernandez Letra Espanol: Robinson Proano / Dennys The Black
The Rude Boy...
Aay que rico, que sabroso y que bonito,
cuando ella baila, se me pega suavecito.
Me dice "Oye papito ‚Äč ... read full works ››


Date: 23-12-2015 21:15

Avuhkigh Flames

Date: 23-12-2015 01:59

flames i disepsrese

its vicotry against my enemys why i came wit the hurts

i come b.k why i came wit the hurt

why they try me for like they need a stain on dey shirt

ok yall niggaz who the fuck is u

queation marks

i feel your vibe is low

like section 1

im buckin u

animal parts

is how im bucking you ... read full works ››

Arakaribeatz - Determination - Deep, Hard, Motivational Rap Beat

Date: 22-12-2015 01:04

The following link refers to my own original musical creation:



This beat was produced with an Akai MPK Mini Pro II Keyboard, with Reaper rewiring, and is my own creation.

Avuhkigh Destiny

Date: 20-12-2015 03:32

it writing cuz bitch its my time

yall bitches be lying

i be doing the crime

even in my dreams i be robin n stealing uww

even in my dreams i come up

yall bitch niggaz better never run up

put the gun up

if u wanna get shot down

yall clown

yall niggaz drown

like after zero im the one bitch

its my ... read full works ››

10 Thot Commmandmentz

Date: 20-12-2015 03:27

its the 10 hoe commandments

first my raps the seamon

she give birth 2 lies

its me my brain

she give brain

disloyal slober

this my mojo

dont let that girl know you know she a hoe yo

she under disqusise

covered up wit love and safty

but your hearts not safe in that trap boy

she lost place mak ... read full works ››


Date: 19-12-2015 08:28

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Date: 19-12-2015 07:59

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Date: 17-12-2015 13:40

Haar Na Manbo Na

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