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Shabza Joezi Ft Patient M - You Took Advantage (patient M Original Vocal)

Date: 13-02-2016 04:08

Shabza Joezi

Date: 13-02-2016 03:51

Flex Zone

Date: 10-02-2016 15:03

This is a song recorded by keith wessells .lyrics by Keith Wessells & Kiani Wessells

Stretch On

Date: 10-02-2016 14:58

This is a song recorded by keith wessells .lyrics by Keith Wessells & Kiani Wessells


Date: 10-02-2016 13:00

Andrew Justin Martinez

Date: 10-02-2016 05:00

in the club tossed up bitch
see me and im ossed up bitch hey
your bitch want me u all cought up bitch
i aint no loser i aint no corny
i say that shyt cuz thats how they want me
i had break free from that bullshyt
now i got my mind free
now maybe im gon be back 2 happy
niggaz aint even tryn jack me boy
niggaz hating on the rep
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Avuhkigh Hennesy

Date: 10-02-2016 04:58

im feeling to come up
my niggan whats up
u get but fucked
cuz u homo
u know avuhkigh living solo
pass the promo
u on detour
bitch im 4 im dolo
to much pain im rocking solo
remeber when i use have sqauds on me
now i gotta army incase they try plot on me
yall bitches all corny
yall bitches all like frys yall all salty... read full works ››

Avuhkigh Slump You

Date: 10-02-2016 04:57

first off fuck how u feeling man
ima m.f villina
gotta endulge in crime killing man
fuck wat these bitches feeling man

im from the ghetto shots let go
we move on niggaz if dey give what we want
i do what i have 2 do 2 survive in the jung
im hungry see what they want
me 2 be
it feel so good when u living free
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Gotta Get It

Date: 08-02-2016 19:18

Gotta Get It Instrumetal Beat Created on 12/28/2015. 



Nothing Can Take You Down

Date: 03-02-2016 13:24

So..Note this lines

......... I speak.

I can speak so fine

Like ragging n am freak.

Where my life resides...

that world's so creep.
Life is treasured inside.

And Its hidden so deep.

Even if u dig

100 feet

U wont get to peep.

Life reside to the other side

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