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Chr Paperwork

Date: 19-06-2015 12:32

this is used to send paperwork to me (CHR) and really not much to say abot

Internal Affairs Report

Date: 19-06-2015 12:29

We need this copyrighted becuse we have it some users veiw it and we want it copyrighted so they don't copy and if they make a forum like this and then copyright it right after i made it i can get fine more then $500B

Interveiw Forum

Date: 19-06-2015 12:25

This is For interveiwing and once again this ask for people info and which i want copyright on so they don't copy the forum or if they go into our database and get people info. on a Google Fourm.

IA Interveiw Forum

Date: 19-06-2015 12:22

this is for a Gaming Community and there's more then 1 paper and i need them copyright from people copying the work or anyone info.

Dystopia Store

Date: 16-06-2015 01:15

This is a Copyright request for my store's name. I am unsure if the procedure I have taken is correct, please indicate what I need to do.

P.h.a.t. Divas

Date: 12-06-2015 10:10

A Plus Size Modeling Agency

P.H.A.T. Divas has acquired an extensive amount of experience in the modeling industry and would like to encourage any and all plus-size models/actresses to step up to the plate and continue to follow their dreams. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a few services that might help you along the way.

Angjel Produtcion

Date: 10-06-2015 01:05



Xena Project

Date: 02-06-2015 22:57

The Xena Project is a Weight Lifting method used for both men and wonen.  It includes the method of training daily, especially squatting a different volumes.


Also referred to as the Xena method

Sherry, Of The Name: Fanelli

Date: 31-05-2015 15:23

I, Sherry-Gail Fanelli / Sherry-Gail Eylers (properly spelled and shown), a Creature of God, a spiritual being in a chemical body, electrically stimulated and emotionally controlled, a natural born, living, breathing, sentient serene being, a man / a woman, a living soul, a citizen of the soil, on the land, a state Citizen, an American national, a U.S.A. national, a American C ... read full works ››

Stealth Gaming

Date: 29-05-2015 22:13

Stealth eSports is a professional eSports organization. 

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