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Date: 22-12-2015 23:04

Dj Soundwave

Date: 16-12-2015 18:10

I am a newly rising dj and artist this includes any of my artwork or music to used under my nickname of DJ Soundwave.

Lavay Body Scrub

Date: 16-12-2015 15:09

I came up with Sugar only making basic house hold products.

Rebels With A Cause (r.w.a.c)

Date: 14-12-2015 12:34

Building a international brand of change starting with the community i live in. The brand will include gym apparel,paintings,books,music,urban clothes,design,logos and poems.

Proven Progress Co.

Date: 14-12-2015 12:11

Building a business based on all artistic aspects of life such as designing clothing,artwork,paintings,music recordings,gym apparel,gym branding and the brand of a successful lifestyle

pisces go wayyy deep entertainment presents (tales from inside the mind of a psychotic pisces)

Date: 13-12-2015 03:22

Tales from inside the mind of a psychotic pisces?( Come inside the minds of  a father&son pisces as they channel and bring u true horrifying stories delivered, straight to you from the  spirits themselves by automatic writing! !!  COME HEAR HORRIFYING TALES, (OF A YOUNG GIRL WHO WAS BRUTALLY RAPE AND MURDER BY HER UNCLE AND RETURNS IN HIS WIFE BODY ... read full works ››

Boyz In The Wartz

Date: 07-12-2015 23:41

Cruising Hogsmeade in my 6-4

Castin’ some spells flossing wit Cho

Went to Hog’s Head to get the scoop

Wizards in there cold spendin’ some loot

A car pulls up who can it be

A fresh flyin’ ride strolled, The Weasleys

They roll down the windows and they started to say

It's all about making that GTA

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Struggling To Make That Dollar

Date: 07-12-2015 16:23

Struggling to make that dollar By Jane Dabish



I hate freezing my ass off just to make that dollar.

Duda We’ll its life we all struggle to make that green crabby dollar.


I know we do.

Duda Just call your movie “Struggling to Make that Dollar”, just like a hooker who hollers for a dollar.

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Date: 07-12-2015 03:09

I would like to copyright the name Sarlonda.

Rces Clan Pack

Date: 04-12-2015 16:46

This pack belongs to Konrad50024: http://www.enjin.com/profile/5516489
if anyone uses this clan pack without my premision i will be able to sue you in a court of law as i am putting a copyright on this clan pack.