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Teacher Fong LM

Date: 02-01-2014 11:01

Teacher FongLM for Education

All Because Of A Man

Date: 31-12-2013 15:41

All alone With no one to share her pain Her face is mascara stained From tears shed Because she's been hurt yet again All because of a man She does everything she can To conceal her emotions But she's drowning in tears She feels like she swimming in an ocean With no escape to land She holds her face in her hands She's so tired But no one understands She feels helpless Hopeless Fe ... read full works ››

Uimpi:halloween Minecraft 2013

Date: 30-10-2013 22:12

Feliz Halloween!





Date: 23-10-2013 14:47

The KONG sculpture was created by Joseph Markham on behalf of Bounce
Incorporated. Bounce Incorporated assigned the copyright in the work to
The KONG Company, LLC in 2002.

The work was created in Golden, Colorado, USA in 1976 and was first published in
the U.S. on December 31, 1978.

There are pending copyright applications for the work in Chin ... read full works ››

Autumn Looking Up

Date: 18-10-2013 15:09


Best Of 2013

Date: 17-10-2013 21:32

attached image

Mormons In Space

Date: 25-07-2013 21:29

art work/comic based on Mormons in space...


Date: 20-06-2013 05:26


My Journey Into Art

Date: 13-04-2013 19:43

A collection of paintings in acrylics and watercolor, Landscapes, Historical

Denise #15 Yellow

Date: 11-03-2013 03:19

Size 11x17(30x42cm).Made with liquitex acrylic on mounted art board.

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