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Niki Publication

Date: 13-08-2014 13:19

Nature's miracle

Niki Publication

Date: 13-08-2014 13:06

Nature's miracle

Niki Publication

Date: 13-08-2014 13:03

Nature's miracle

Niki Publication

Date: 13-08-2014 13:00

Nature's miracle

The "Black Diamond Band" in the 1980s'

Date: 13-08-2014 04:58

The material I am registering is a picture of "The Black Diamond Band," I am the owner of this photo.

Portrait Photography

Date: 09-08-2014 13:18

A selection of Portrait Photographs taken in March 2014 for a art project compitition at my childs school

which won first prize. the Photographs where taken on a full moon by Coventry Cathedral at 20:00 hours in March of this year 2014

Band Gig Photographs

Date: 09-08-2014 12:53

In 2003 I was Taking Photographs for local bands in Coventry at small Rock Venues around the city more of my work is on this flikr link and my own Website

Tangied Photography

Date: 22-06-2014 16:26

www.facebook.com/TangieD Photography

follow me on instragram @ tangied_photography

Music Is Not Just What I Listen To

Date: 19-03-2014 04:16

picture attached

Gettin' Faded

Date: 28-02-2014 11:17

'Gettin' Faded' (sign in the background). photo taken with cell phone, the natural distortion is caused by the photo being taken while riding passenger driving.

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