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3. Evre/ 3rd Phase

Date: 10-02-2016 11:08

First 30 Pages of Script

Senaryonun ilk 30 sayfası


Nezih Akçimen
Adres: Bogaziçi Sitesi B:16
D:14 ˙Istinye Sarıyer ˙Istanbul
mail: nezihak@gmail.com
Tel: +90 532 235 33 18
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One Step Closer

Date: 31-01-2016 17:29

I am a hunter

I live to live like a hunter.

I hunt everything that is to be hunted

Woman I hunt.

True love I hunt

Good health and a clear head

One Eye Open Another Shut

Date: 31-01-2016 17:26

I walked almost to my death once,

I was led by fun, what I liked at the time.

When it happened it was quick,

And falling down I didn't feel like a giant.

It got me think about how it happened.

I do what I do like no one.

I have got the fire, the life they need.

I am at my game with one eye.

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Date: 31-01-2016 17:22

A bloody chase down, ecos of God's high in jumping,

Kills, loosing moments, not on pounded questions.

Raw snakes taken under violently with existing yellow


Like food is the only thing on earth.

Sex wins the over everything as they choose.

It is food

It is love.

On or under they enjoy.

Old Habits Die Hard

Date: 31-01-2016 17:20

I am just a man,

I like to spit like some men.

It is not a crime.

But I have been trying to quit for a while now.

And sometimes I find it happening

It all in my head

It is unwanted company following me around.

No matter what I think there's nothing that I can do.

I am trying to be a cleanner person.

Now We Fight

Date: 31-01-2016 17:16

We were friend like non ever seen.

We were partners in crime.

We played like brother and sister.

I can still hear our whispers

Not so loud they'll hear us.

Nothing Will Stop Me

Date: 31-01-2016 17:09

Taking care of myself may be hard,

That I found out as I grew

But nothing can take my heart from you

Nothing will stop me from loving you

Nothing To Talk About

Date: 31-01-2016 17:07

I am so clean, there is nothing you can stick onto me.

Wouldn't that be wonderful in the real world.

Something worth being, what people talk about.

Like an angel with grace.

What a class act, me, celebrated by life.

There is nothing to talk about,

Not even a sound of a mouse.

Hush if you will.

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Note To Myself

Date: 31-01-2016 17:03

One day its gonna get cold,

or you are gonna be old,

And its not like you were never taught,

that when winter comes always dress warm.

And yet you still like the same girl.

Not Fun Being You

Date: 31-01-2016 16:56

Your fun was once what it was.

A very high person you were at that time.

You were everything to look at.

Now you are just normal like anyone else.

Its not fun being you sad girl.

You were once a dream,

Had too much fun.

And the dream ended

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