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I Would Be Unhappy With Anyone Else

Date: 08-10-2015 19:35

You are the joy in my life,

Someone else could not play your part

You are like a wake up pill,

Something I take for life.

The only good thing about me

So they say

And sometimes when I look at you,

I see that clearly

I Was Happy

Date: 08-10-2015 19:31

In the middle of something

If the world needed me for something,

tell them I was in the middle of something.

the little joys of life like slipping and not falling,

and a little laugh afterwards is something.

A wonder about nothing another thing.

I Want You To Die

Date: 08-10-2015 19:28

Look I want equal rights.

I want you to die horrorbly.

I taught love in your garden, to one of your children

She was not ment for you, I want you to die.

Made money for a game called rich and poor.

I Want To See You Kung Fu

Date: 08-10-2015 19:24

I am a man with many likes,

Your pretty eyes, your pretty face

Beautiful places, lady bits

The type of stuff never seen

Fast movements, your leg on my shoulder

Then a jump like electricity

Your legs are like right to left.

I May Have Been Drunk

Date: 08-10-2015 19:13

I was on my way to getting a job,

Or maybe it wasn't to be,

I have a problem

Everything that is distant is forgotten

Learn not ask me what happened

Demons in the mind

Maybe once a killer

But I stand pure before you

As I see all my enemies passing me

I don't like to push

I don't like being pushed

Take me the distance


Date: 07-10-2015 20:03

A full finished Book

War Over Something

Date: 04-10-2015 20:30

Two tribes live close to one another.  They don't communicate or like each other.  They get water from the river.

One chief gets greedy and decide to wash in the water.

The other tribe doesn't like it

They talk to the chief's people about this.

War as chiefs find differences

Young girl save the day.

War ends

I Lived And Died

Date: 04-10-2015 19:45

I died and lived for kinds to have no fear.

I walked on land, like an empty hand.

Everybody always knew about me,

not funny what's about happen.

At the sight of death, I made a warcry

And soon there will be no sight of you

Like when all is seen is a cry,

Death to that too

I Like To Smile

Date: 04-10-2015 19:42

I use to be the boy

with a cold face

Cold face says cold heart

I thought as I grew into that.

I use to think that life was brutal

And like on TV is murder was normal

I put myself in diffcult places

Being uptight about life

I Like Living

Date: 04-10-2015 19:38

I should have been a criminal,

I start of on the right track,

alway looking behind me for enemies,

like war is about to start at any time,

but that only happened once in my life.

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