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I Can Be Deep

Date: 26-09-2015 19:42

With a start a good deed, I am yours

to know your heart is my wish,

when its been granted like over a thousand years back,

How pretty it is when I am the only one looking,

No one can share with you my feelings

its how we live that make it so

How We Dance

Date: 26-09-2015 19:38

One man is looking for love, promising a girl the world.

He is looking for woman and not a girl.

His friend likes fun and fun and can't get any.

They talk about their problems and come up with solutions.

The man looking for love says, 'Lets go to a club.

How To Make Things Right

Date: 26-09-2015 19:35

I have spent most my life,

Being too small

Or just a little big.

Seeking attention

Like its the only thing worth having.

I use make thing hard,

I never fell in love.

Even when I was child

It was hard for me

To show emotions.

And now I make thing right.

How She Turned In The Sun

Date: 26-09-2015 19:31

It was like a game,

It started with a fatty

Then after she was naughty

She like to play.

He didn't see it coming

She was with another,

Playing games

How Many Is Enough

Date: 26-09-2015 19:27

Wet or wild and bewitching fun,

walking on water taste wounding madness.

The love I got from more than one,

is maybe why I don't care.

Once on it you out for the count,

Different types of girls is more fun.

Especially when the one you love is loving another.

Other girl become like revenge.

How It Happens

Date: 26-09-2015 19:23

Life is easy at first;

No worries, when you are at home,

With your family around you.

Nothing can go wrong.

The start of something beautiful,

Or maybe something ugly as death.

You are on your way.

Life is fair, most of the time.

Its like rock and roll.

How I Choose To Love

Date: 26-09-2015 19:20

I am a sad man to look at.

Especially, when, I think I'm doing well.

I am like nothings to a girl, really sad.

But when I smile its like love.

It is feelings that drive me.

More than a man when she is around.

She played with my heart so many times,

I am left with only bits of love in me.

All of them for her.

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How About Your Eyes

Date: 26-09-2015 19:16

I have fallen for you harder than 5000 feet

Its not your hair

Because if you were to loose it,

I would still love you

I have seen the future looking at you.

Yes your face is pretty,

But I love your eyes

Hot Stuff For My Head

Date: 26-09-2015 19:10

I woke up feel like screaming happiness to all.

Got a call from a friend about another friend's headache

Paused little as he told me about that dude's girl trouble.

Asked myself why I was told.

I don't like to listen.

I don't like to talk

I just like a cool life

So give me the hot stuff for my head.

Hot And Dazed

Date: 26-09-2015 19:03

It was one summer afternoon,

when a dizzy dark darling, fell into a state confusion

It looked so.

The Gods told me so

She had bunches of beauty,

like a star never seen before,

no cares in the world,

as if she had stunned herself, with her looks.

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