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Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Date: 17-09-2015 20:33

Look I have no one,

I am a bit lonely

Or maybe its a lot.

It feels like nobody cares.

You are my friend right,

You like me

Don't want to see me hurt,

Why don't we just a little.

Funny Situation

Date: 17-09-2015 20:29

Okay we are inlove

And we are friends

Nothing more than that

Is how you act.

Like we are playing a game.

When you know that you

Only you play role in my heart

Forgive Yourself

Date: 17-09-2015 20:26

He may have been a criminal, who was very well deserving.

What weakness, is driven in me.

I look, and see only a shadow of what use to be me.

Could it be my wounded heart, bitten by wolves of the world.

Those who want to be scary.

And, yes, it is my heart, making me sick with desertion.

The desease preying on me.

Following The Light

Date: 17-09-2015 20:23

My birth right is light,

Like any child I should be followed.

The ways of God

And his beautiful living.

Only a fool would not be one of us.

We are the life on broken skin.

You see that with the joy.

The Man Who Was

Date: 17-09-2015 20:17

Ghosts seen only by one child.  Bad ones try to hurt him, by making him look crazy to people.  His friends start to think that he is crazy.  He meets one that wants to help.  The plan is to act normal.  It fails.  They make another plan.  To make people see that he is not crazy.  He starts to tell people about themselves.  Things on ... read full works ››

Fighting Myself About How I Feel About You

Date: 16-09-2015 19:42

About how I feel about you,

kicks to the head come to mind as my headaches.

I feel lost in thoughts sometimes when I think about you

a squicky clean princess at times,

like a playing sun you change with the moods

Feeling Like A Child

Date: 16-09-2015 19:35

Finding a mess in my mind,

I took a wrong turn when I said, I couldn't

It was at right time for another to strike,

when all hope got lost.

Eyes Dry As A Well

Date: 16-09-2015 19:31

Looks of a caring person, none on sorry be you.

The careless wonderer with only one thought.

Distruction in a friendly way.

The self love given to one self.

Only when loneliness is a blanket worn, like a clown.

Like a deep hurting man with a fraun.

Dying For Nothing

Date: 16-09-2015 19:28

I use to walk free of all problems, like fear of death,

I was a child with a child's brain, and each painful feeling gave me knowledge

I learned to take it like man and it worked for me as I grew.

I fought for girls and all the other so called nothings

As you live your life in the streets

How I made it this far is unexplained

Downing Another One As I Die

Date: 16-09-2015 19:25

When I am living it up like first class people,

I drink like a boss, not too much because I get light headed.

the drink has been with me for years

its been the good times of my loneliness,

only when I am drunk people come to me.

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