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Down For The Count

Date: 16-09-2015 19:21

I lost a moment

I think it was when I was down

Can't say why I was wearing the crown

Because a looser I have always been

Not taking anything from the champ

He caught me napping and I am never getting up

Don't Touch My Face

Date: 16-09-2015 19:17

My face is not a playground,

or where germ meet.

It is a sign of peace and beauty,

Only the most well behaved can touch,

cause I am wild like an animal in the forest

Don't Mess With My Sweet Lady

Date: 16-09-2015 19:13

I know a woman like no other,

Because my heart is stuck on her.

She is a peach sweeter than any other,

She likes different things like turning men into fools.

No one has ever been hers.

They call all cry for that

A Faithfull Man's Wish

Date: 16-09-2015 19:10

A relationship can be a nightmare,

like on a time, when she is being a bore.

The very one you adore,

a simple problem in your life.

A Blank Mind

Date: 16-09-2015 19:07

I am all about be not too cool,

when I have cash with me.

Nobody looks at me, I learned that way back.

Times were when what use to be me, didn't care.

I was all about learning fast,

so that next day didn't miss me,

Lots of girls were kissing me, like I was chocolate.

A dumb kid. Now they see me as lion.

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Don't Leave Your Heart Behind

Date: 15-09-2015 19:09

Its been a nice knowing you.

You were a fun person, like a witch.

Your love was shared with another.

Maybe not by choice, but by the love you had.

You leave a sick feeling in my soul.

Don't Give Me That Look

Date: 15-09-2015 19:05

You are like honey not in tea

But just honey

The thing is I can't explain your sweetness.

Your face says love me.

Like you should be love as the only thing.

Don't Fall For A Killer

Date: 15-09-2015 19:01

Her name was Lala,

She like all her men

She played a little.

But like all of them

She fell for the wrong dude

A right dude.

Just a little beaten

Doing Something For Someone Else

Date: 15-09-2015 18:57

To tell the truth

I have never been a nice person,

Maybe a little when I let people come close

But life has taught me lessons

And one is giving another like you with a heart,

Is pleasing to the soul.

Doing My Time, Which Is Pleasing You

Date: 15-09-2015 18:54

You are happy

Always happy

Like something is in your shoe

You catch smiles from everyone

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