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Dead In Your Eyes

Date: 15-09-2015 18:50

I was in love

You just didn't care

I confessed all my love

You just wanted me out of your hair

I had feelings

You didn't see that

Daytime As It Is

Date: 15-09-2015 18:46

We use to get up and just go in the morning.

We all had different illnesses as thugs.

One was a cold blooded killer, one was too calm

Watching all the madness like a reporter on drugs.

Maybe it was the drugs, but what we lived was wrong.

Sometimes I felt like monsters lived in the day time.

Dawn For Sleep Walkers

Date: 15-09-2015 18:43

One time with a wild child turned me into a night person.

It shouldn't have been like that, but love makes what it makes.

I looked stupid in their faces, like a no class person.

Something you should never call a humanbeing.

Dancing In The Night Alone

Date: 15-09-2015 18:39

It was a slow life when the day began

Not much to talk about,

Not much you want to write about.

The princess was gone

All thoughts about her

Left holes in our hearts

She wasn't the only one

The only thing


Date: 15-09-2015 18:35

I need to be loved like a humanbeing.

I need a touch from another so bad,

I am really dying inside.

Like a thirst in my throat, the need kills me.

Colder Than Ice

Date: 14-09-2015 20:49

I have asked not on my knees,

But if you didn't realise

I was pleading with you.

You are wild like cat.

Cold Hearted Friends

Date: 14-09-2015 20:40

There no warmth when you around

Its like you suck it out

into your lifeless body to die.

A death of the sun like clouds just took over

You are the clouds

that hide the heat.

Living With God

Date: 14-09-2015 20:37

There comes a time, when you are tested.

Can you live like a ship, turn the other cheek.

For it is what God wants.

Peace in the universe, and growth in populations.

None of what is happening.

Cause its simply not right.

Changing Africa

Date: 14-09-2015 20:34

Africa land of many pleasures.

The colours of your people,

Pleasing for the eyes,

Way back in some parts

Like a blemish on the face.

Calling The Shots

Date: 14-09-2015 20:30

I stay not too far from you,

I think your body is not

What it use to be.

But I love you.

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