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Beautiful Like A Butterfly

Date: 14-09-2015 20:26

She was just a girl not too young,

Just the right age like my size,

She was hot like like melted gold

She also acted the part melted and sold,

like tease who would never give it up.

Battles Of The Mind

Date: 14-09-2015 19:58

I am a king a times,

When there is no danger around me.

What I struggle to understand is,

Why some things happen the way, they do.

How I feel sometimes, can be defined as an illness.

I loose sight of what's good, like I am at war with something.

Cause, when I am feeling the other way, good changes.

And when I am like myself, I get all good.

Bad Mouthing

Date: 14-09-2015 19:54

You know there are these people like talking about other people,

You know how they are gonna be predecting the future and all.

They are the kind of people like skitching noises faul to the ear.

An Imprisoned Mind

Date: 14-09-2015 19:50

I am a person, who is here for one things,

I am here to live for money

I am here to live for pleasure.

Nothing in life must be displeassing.

Or I report like a helpless child.

Awakening From A Bad Dream

Date: 14-09-2015 19:34

I was in intermate wars with her,

in a dream is where that happened,

Her words as soft as air whispering,

sweet sounds of soul stealing music.

Mad Love In The Day

Date: 13-09-2015 19:19

I always didn't think, like I would win.

I always didn't think about myself, as the one made to walk like I am somebody.

Nobody loved me under the sun.

How I always feel about myself.

Don't get them champ.

You're no champ.

What you feel is life.

Kisses and huggs, mad love in the day.

A Wound Is Just A Cut

Date: 13-09-2015 18:52

Like I am sad, not mad with outrage hurt,

is how I will take your hurting me.

You are a butterfly a piece for war,

with your beauty.

A Wounded Soul

Date: 13-09-2015 18:47

I am alive as a being,

something in existence like any other.

A half this and half that, as whatever slashes my core.

I can feel it like sharp claws turned to nails.

A compressed feeling of pain they say it is.

Am I In Love, All By Myself

Date: 13-09-2015 18:43

Lets start of with how you treat me,

no love in the house,

only in the street sometimes,

where everybody can see.

Alive At Last

Date: 13-09-2015 18:38

A happy day started after

Sadness fall off from five million miles.

Like I live life thinking in

Insanity take the stage gentle.

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