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A Wake Up Call From Life

Date: 13-09-2015 18:22

Life can be the awakening

of serious face

Pulled straight from a smile

like a cloud by not even a touch

Just a touch of the heart

Look around is it sound

A Violent Stop

Date: 13-09-2015 18:19

It was fun when it began.

She liked teasing,

He liked to look,

They liked talking.

A Long Road To Heaven

Date: 13-09-2015 18:15

Sent to the world with a problem already

What is life?

What is love?

What is good?

What is bad?

The Book On Delhi, Manuevering Through The City's Traps And Pitfalls

Date: 13-09-2015 18:13

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A Light Up Above

Date: 13-09-2015 18:11

Like a fire ball, it lit the sky.

Sounds in the town, 'yes, yes'

On goes the lights of the house, with a song.

I wanna come first.

Its always you, always about you.

What fun. With a closing door, the sound.

Dude why is it so light and warm?

Its a rocket in the sky.

Lets smoke, some more.

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A Decent Attempt

Date: 13-09-2015 18:08

I like to try hard

like I mean it.

Put in some effort into life

Just like I mean it

A Bullet Hits

Date: 13-09-2015 17:56

A bullet, a man fell down,we all looked.

Is it someone I know.

Its too far from home, who could it be.

Hope its not my friend. He went that way.

Where did it come from?

Its not save anymore since guns were made.

Who is it?


Date: 13-09-2015 12:40

is a book "Tander (Dentro di noi, l'energia dei Fulmini)"

Destini Ingannati

Date: 13-09-2015 12:34

libro "Destini ingannati" di Cristina Vichi

Destini Ingannati

Date: 13-09-2015 12:26

libro "Destini ingannati" di Cristina Vichi

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