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Falling Off The Narrow Road

Date: 31-12-2015 20:46

My book is about the confusing Bible and it can still help somone find there inner peace. 

Being lost and feeling all alone looking for anything to believe in. So

lost to believe in anyone, to believe on anything told to them. I once was 

lost myself, lost my identity on who I was, lost myself repect, and lost my spirit to be.

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Date: 16-12-2015 22:29

To be reborn isn't to be born again, it's to relive and face the bad memories to create new ones.

Illusions Of Death

Date: 16-12-2015 16:37

This is a poem that will not be given easily


Date: 14-12-2015 17:22

Wicked is a somewhat fast paced thriller with elements of romance, drama, domestic life, and trauma. This story contains plenty of gore and grit, as well as love and mush, and the nature of the murders in the story give meaning to a deeper issue harbored by the murderer, as well as many of the other characters. There is mature contentm gore, and explicit language, and the char ... read full works ››

Pieces Of Her

Date: 13-12-2015 23:42

this is an autobiolograpy i wrote and made it into a book


Date: 10-12-2015 21:13

We want people's come close each others

Born Again

Date: 08-12-2015 17:44

Hélène Lémery is an aspiring Martiniquais journalist and filmmaker who falls in love with a young painter descended from an obscure branch of Bonapartes residing in the American south. An unplanned pregnancy soon leads her on a journey of faith in the small historical town of Longwood. With the Bonapartes’ assistance, Hélène creates an ... read full works ››

Easy Flow Traffic System E-book

Date: 06-12-2015 17:33

Get the little e-book with the big punch not to mention our best seller. 150% cheaper than others like it.

My name is Brian Hott: I wrote this e-book and another edition like it in 2012, below I have submitted my e-book cover image and a link to my youtube video about it to prove the e-book was written by me and belongs to me..

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Not Feeling Myself

Date: 04-12-2015 11:38

You know life can hurt you,

Like when it tear you apart

Your feeling like out of it

Beat up

I'm not feeling myself

Cause I'm hurt

I'm not feeling good

Its like I'm lost somewhere

And I someone else

Lost somewhere like a spirit

Not Even A Lie

Date: 04-12-2015 11:35

I liked to say thing about myself,

Other thought that they were about them.

We talked, and I explained how I hated that.

I love talking about myself.

It was understood that I don't lie.

I talk like I walk, not over doing it.

I am like a saint, trusting is the only thing they taught me.

I learned not looking at others.

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