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Mental Problems

Date: 04-12-2015 11:09

I am a super being in my mind

I am far superior than old clothes,

that people treat me like.

Having been woren like shoes

that kick around stones.

I have seen battle like soldier in world war.

Can't take no beating from just anyone.

Can't live with the feeling of loosing

I was once king of my house.

That d ... read full works ››

Happy Days They Should Be

Date: 04-12-2015 11:03

Well, life brought us together.

We fight for our places in time,

Not forgetting each other's faces after a touch of lime.

Joy be with the sad ones.

Because fun is by the tones.

Let these days be happy days.

Let's spend them with love.

Forgetting all our ways.

Because happy days they should be.

Happy days they should be.

Jokes Exist

Date: 29-11-2015 19:18

‘Jokes have the possibility of turning serious’
Leontine Rabess

Table of Contents

by Christine Benjamin.


My friend who is a comedian once said to me, “Christine, jokes don’t exist. When people make a joke it is there way of telling you what’s really on their min ... read full works ››

The Book Of L.o.v.e.

Date: 28-11-2015 02:25


You would have to follow the link. It's not loading properly.

Made 3: Death Before Dishonor, Beware Thine Enemies Deceit.

Date: 20-11-2015 04:30

Three years ago, I lost my wife and family to this messed up economy. After that nothing was there to hold me back, with no more support from Uncle Sam; I decided to pave my own way. Never one to break the law, I traveled down the straight and narrow but to no avail, thanks to this Bitch ass Cop; name Espinoza. So again I found myself in a corner. But as I gathered my thoughts ... read full works ››

Made 2: Fall Of A Family, Rise Of A Boss.

Date: 20-11-2015 04:18

In book two of the Epic MADE Trilogy; AC, Manny and Duck come face to face with Sabrina's kidnappers. Nina, Denna, Loon and Big Will have bigger shoes to fill in their new roles, while Chief Espinoza suspicions escalates as Sin City crime rise's along with Hector's body count.

Monica's back and has plans on picking up from where she left off. Cash flow is at an all-time h ... read full works ››

Made: Sex, Drugs And Murder; The Recipe For Success

Date: 20-11-2015 04:09

MADE is Book 1 of an Epic, Crime Thriller;Trilogy. It's about Andy Cooper; a military vet, turned hustler, turned Gangster, turned Crime Boss. His marriage is on the rocks; fresh out of the military, AC finds himself broke and lost with a Wife and three kids to feed. Trapped in Sin City and working any job he can get from day to day, to make ends meet. Hating the state of mind ... read full works ››

Jumpoff: Hip Hop's Mistress Tells All

Date: 20-11-2015 04:03

Jara Everett; Hip Hop’s Mistress releases her first Tell all Auto Biography; taking you on a journey into the world of Hip Hop and Entertainment from Chicago, Miami, LA to Atlanta. You will experience laughter, disbelief and erotic pleasures as she shares her experiences with R. Kelly, Suge Knight, Tupac, Martin Lawrence, Young Jeezy, Shawty Redd, Jazze Pha, Too Short, G ... read full works ››

The Price Of Love: One Woman's Journey Through Domestic Violence

Date: 20-11-2015 03:51

Author; Tanisha M. Bagley is an avid Public Speaker when it comes to Speaking out against; Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault and Stopping the Violence as a whole. It is her own life experiences that led her to travel and speak to others about not getting involved with the violence, dealing with it, reporting it and most of all; healing yourself and moving on, and learnin ... read full works ››

* Arena Of The Pointed Ball *

Date: 16-11-2015 16:36

                                                * Arena of the Pointed Ball *

                                                 ... read full works ››

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