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Poor Little Chris

Date: 11-11-2015 11:03

Chris was a boy who didn't listen to anyone.  He was nine, and liked being around big boys.  He always found himself in trouble.  The big boys made him do some naughty things like stealing.  His parents took him to councilling and that wasn't working.  They tried to find out from him what was wrong.  They tried all types of punishment for him, and ... read full works ››

Donde Es Su Madre

Date: 05-11-2015 03:20

Un dÍa a ella iba a la calle cuando ella encontraba a joven ella en el suelo. Ella iba a la ella y doblaba abajo y vÍa a joven ella. Ella despertaba a la joven ella y la joven ella vÍa alrededor ella miraba muy confundida. La ella preguntaba la joven ella,”¿Qué es te llamo?”Me llamo Emerald’ hablo a joven ella. “Me lla ... read full works ››


Date: 30-10-2015 11:49


Myself jeevan Sagar, From Bangalore, India. I have my own story written that is "NAIJA"




Description: NAIJA is a story of a boy who faces lots of issues from family, & society which is also a auto biography of mysellf. Late the boy gets grown up and faces the society daringly and get fame and good nam.

Cronicas Do Rei - A Canção Da Harpa

Date: 28-10-2015 00:25

· A historia do rei Davi como jamais vista. Este romance retrata a trajetória do maior rei e melhor general que a nação de Israel já teve. A historia de como um jovem fazendeiro, uniu as tribos de Israel em torno de seu nome, desde sua juventude ao derrotar o gigante Golias até suas batalhas mais épicas jamais contadas.

... read full works ››

Naga Paddy Man To The World

Date: 27-10-2015 16:04

“Naga Paddy Man To The World” is based on the a rare paddy species discovered from a jungle of Chumukedima, Nagaland, India, by one Pastor Melhite Kenye on October 1, 1998. This race species has later been recognized by the Guinness World Records London as the “Tallest Paddy in the world. Soon after the news of the rare species getting recognized as the &ldqu ... read full works ››

Three On A Match

Date: 17-10-2015 16:53


When No One Would Listen

Date: 17-10-2015 02:54

Here's A concept. Would you send a soldier to war without any weapons? No right? So why are you trying to go to war with me without weapons? My weapon is my courage to stand up for myself with my paper denying further treatment from you and your paetners. I'm sticking this fight out and will guarentee, I will not be the one who backs down. So again, would you send soldiers to ... read full works ››

Home Away From Home

Date: 13-10-2015 18:13

A few days back I went to an orphanage run my one of my Guru who is the head of a mutt. He manages a very luxurious old age home. My Guru was in prayer and the receptionist asked me to wait. While I was waiting, I noticed one old man aged about seventy and a young man at his thirty five were discussing something very seriously with the receptionist. Out of curiosity I listened ... read full works ››

Maybe In My Thoughts

Date: 12-10-2015 18:16

I said I would forgive once,

But like a cat you went and did it.

Like forgiveness grows on trees,

I forgave you.

Mad Love In The Day

Date: 12-10-2015 18:13

I always didn't think, like I would win.

I always didn't think about myself, as the one made to walk like I am somebody.

Nobody loved me under the sun.

How I always feel about myself.

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