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Transport Times

Date: 24-08-2012 19:59

Transport Times Logo 2012

Tiny The Spider

Date: 29-07-2012 15:14

The story revolves around young spider who is facing difficulties in life. It ends with a lesson of hard work and Determination.

Fyi For Kingdom Living

Date: 25-07-2012 23:30

I don’t have a fancy introduction for this book nor do I have a list of credentials to share with you. What I do have is a life full of testimonies that bare witness to the God I serve, He is a real living God by all means. It has taken me a long time to realize that when you operate below the level God has planned for you there is nothing but disappointments. Life can&rsqu ... read full works ››

El Hombre Descalzo Y Los Espectros

Date: 21-07-2012 02:22

El hombre descalzo y los espectros



Diariamente, a eso de las siete, salía a caminar por las aceras  y la grama del parque cercano a mi casa con los pies totalmente desnudos. Nunca me importaron el frío, el calor, la suciedad de las calles ni la sorpresa de los paseantes. 


  Aquel día ... read full works ››

Royals In Trouble

Date: 19-07-2012 19:27

A prince sets out to rescue a kidnapped princess.

Heart Of Fire Script

Date: 17-07-2012 17:07

This is the script for the movie Heart of Fire.

A Toasted Day

Date: 17-07-2012 10:44

A Toasted Day


When life’s common but rare irritants come together to create the 


perfect marinade… just before the oven gets very hot!

There are times when I have the urge to possess an atomic bomb 


which would bring about sudden and ultimate nuclear Armageddon. 

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Notes On Mary Oliver’s "wild Geese”

Date: 17-07-2012 10:29

Notes on Mary Oliver’s \"Wild Geese”


Just a brief essay with emphasis on the poet’s perfect mix of both 


the underlying and the obvious meanings in the poem as well as her 


astounding use of the metaphors within.



Mary Oliver’s “Wild Ge ... read full works ››

The Use Of Metaphor In Mary Oliver’s “wild Geese”

Date: 17-07-2012 10:18

The Use of Metaphor in Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese”


A thorough and detailed interpretation of the symbolical use of 

metaphor in Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese poem. Alicia Ostriker, major American poet and critic, in her review in 

the Nation describes Mary Oliver’s poetry as moving “from the natural wo ... read full works ››

Deflowered (a Sexy Poem About Love)

Date: 17-07-2012 09:57

Deflowered (A Sexy Poem About Love)


A sexy poem about love, losing virginity, first time sex, and being deflowered into womanhood.


The lid of the box opens


I reached for the


needle and thread,


I get the cloth


then proceed to sew

 < ... read full works ››

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