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Extonare: A Breath Of Fancy

Date: 14-07-2012 15:20

A story of two very different kings, and some giants.

The Giant Goes To War

Date: 14-07-2012 15:11

The giant faces off against a band of wicked giants.

Blue Tango Script

Date: 12-07-2012 17:03

The script for the movie Blue Tango.

Bob The Giant

Date: 10-07-2012 11:27

Several children are kidnapped, and a good giant has to save them.

The Giant And The Princess

Date: 06-07-2012 21:17

A fantasy story about a giant who saves a princess from captivity at the hands of robbers

Bodhilav (বোধিলাভ)

Date: 27-06-2012 20:14


This is a bengali short story based on how a city based employee acquired knowledge about tribal life and their socio economic problems when he visit for census work in a small village.

Amar kabita (sanjib)

Date: 26-06-2012 17:34

my short poems

Observing A Traffic Light

Date: 23-06-2012 17:25


Think about all the times you have sat at a red light, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, for the light to finally change. How do you occupy yourself while you patiently sit and wait? Then again, do you patiently wait or are do you get in a big uproar? As I sat and observed the intersection of ... read full works ››

In Thomas' Wake......"sequal To In Search Of Thomas"

Date: 07-06-2012 19:12

A sweeping historical and geanelogical work featuring the current generation DNA family decendants of William Franklin Townsend of St. Paul\'s, N. Carolina. His family like many Townsend\'s of Robeson County may be traced back to one Thomas and Leticca McConkey Townsend of 1748 W. Bladen, or Robeson. 

The family is rooted in the Jametown colony, late comers in 1621 w ... read full works ››

Isambulo-the Revelation

Date: 06-06-2012 15:30

Its a script about a boy(Lizwi) who is raised in a religious family and is homosexual. His parents had a fixated idea that he would marry the daughter of the neighbourhoods rich man. Not knowing that the rich man has a homsexual secret life. Lizwi is faced with the terror of coming out to his fasmily so he can escape marrying the girl and be happy with his partner. The rich man\' ... read full works ››

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