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Common Law Copyright Notice Of Rudolph: Robinson

Date: 29-05-2012 02:44


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Date: 20-05-2012 01:37

A poem describing the infidelity of her boyfriend or lover. This poem is explains the agony one feels when knowing the signifigant other is unfaithful. One may pretend to be happy in daily routines such as work, but truly one is already dead on the inside. This poem gives a sneek peak to what is being hidden behind a smile. 

Memori Cinta Daisy

Date: 14-05-2012 06:59

Hak  cipta  terpelihara 2012-memori  cinta  daisy, karya  sue c.k  .

Comptia Security+ Syo-301 Study Guide

Date: 03-05-2012 01:59

This is a Comptia Security+ exam study guide that basically explains what the certification and exam is all about, and includes approximately 125 questions and answers that a student can use to become familiar with the testing format. While not going too indept as to teach the security course, this book\'s main objective is to assist in exam success.

Holy Men Of Bible Who Were Gay And Bisexual

Date: 01-05-2012 04:17

Gay men and women of the Bible.

Snow Job Magazine

Date: 01-05-2012 01:14

A humor magazine featuring a combonation of satire, paody, and origonal matirial

Tater Tot Cowboy

Date: 14-04-2012 18:23

Tater Tot Cowboy

Walkin the dusty ole driveway, my little spur\'s kickin up dirt,

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Date: 23-03-2012 19:12

abb aur kya maangu Khuda se,
tere milne ke baad....
Uthte nahi mere haath,
iss ibaadat ke baad....



Date: 23-03-2012 19:11


GANGA Apne udgam se nikli thi main,
Nirmal, paawan,chanchal....aur
Dheeme-dheeme bah rahi thi,
Unn suhawane raaston par..
Kitne sundar, paawan din thhe woh..
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Date: 23-03-2012 19:05

Tufaano may Kishti ko kinarey mile hain
Iss jahan may logo ko sahare mile hai
Duniya may sabse pyaari hai zindigi
Humme toh zindagi se bhi zyaade pyaare
aap mile hai