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Strength To Go Through

Date: 11-09-2011 05:14

Strength To Go Through is an original Urban Contemporary Novel (Young Adult Fiction), by Angela Nicole Mata.

The life of an aspiring young Reggae artist, Makeda Macintosh, is turned upside down after the mysterious death of her M ... read full works ››

Crested Business Directory

Date: 26-08-2011 14:36

In a period of economic crisis the best ways to increase income or save more money is by reducing
cost or expenses. This principle applies to individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate institutions. To
achieve this cost – saving principles, there is need for a strong collaboration between business
entities and its customers, using a generally acceptable platfor ... read full works ››

The Ultimate Reality

Date: 21-08-2011 20:16

This manuscript is a 2007 college essay on death entitled, \"The Ultimate Reality\". The approximate word count for \"The Ultimate Reality is 1,092. \"The Ultimate Reality\" deals with the loss of the author\'s grandparents.

Subjects In Tamil Translation

Date: 21-08-2011 14:29

I\'m completed the work as MS_Office for tamil transaction as already published web page as per concern company.

The Mice And The Moon

Date: 25-07-2011 17:37

A childrens story about mice living on the moon.

All Poems By Rohit Mulange

Date: 20-07-2011 20:08

A collection of poems by Rohit Mulange. Includes poems previously published on various sites and poetry databases.

A Different Kind Of Story

Date: 15-07-2011 17:37

A blogsite containing original stories created by Jeffy about gay and bisexual men depicting their life, struggles, and romance.

Pattern Recognition A Vlsi Approach

Date: 25-06-2011 16:48

This paper presents pattern recognition algorithms implemented on VLSI


Date: 23-06-2011 19:23

This review paper focus on pattern recognition algorithms in real time applications. Implementation of different algorithms on VLSI design concepts not only provides parallelisam but also enhance performance.

Stories on "The amusing life of Billy Moore"

Date: 27-05-2011 15:09

These are the short stories on a fictitious character called as BILLY MOORE.

He is now a jolly old man.
Billy Moore alias Balram More is an elderly, educated and an amusing character. His background is ambiguous. It’s said he was found by a priest on an early morning, as a child, crying on the dead body of his father who died due to overindulgence in alcohol an ... read full works ››

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