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My Heart Stands Alone

Date: 19-12-2005 01:27

“My Heart Stands Alone”

My feelings are something I can’t postpone

And silence is something I won’t condone

When I stand up for my heart I always stand alone

I set myself up for failure cause doubt is already in my tone

Love is like ecstasy, but maybe I’m wrong

That’s something I ... read full works ››

Every Time I Get Hurt

Date: 19-12-2005 01:26

“Every Time I Get Hurt”

Every time I get hurt it always leaves a scar

And I have several scars so far

Most of the scars, I’ve done to myself

No I’m not a cutter, I’m really something else

I’m just another lover

Lacking a significant other

And every time I think ab ... read full works ››

Blue-Eyed Demise

Date: 19-12-2005 01:22

“Blue-Eyed Demise”

What’s behind those eyes

My blue-eyed demise

My blue-eyed demise


Losing myself

Falling all the while

So much rain trapped inside

That’s why my eyes never smile

I’m slipping away

Just slipping away

I wonder if I’l ... read full works ››

Addressing the Coffee Crisis? Fair Trade and Voluntary Initiatives

Date: 27-09-2005 09:30

Gripping the world commodity market is a crisis which has pushed the coffee farmers to an almost brink of survival. Coffee farmers have been among the hardest hit by the long stretched-out crisis in the international markets. The magnitude of the crisis is not only exacerbated by how far the prices of coffee slumped in the last 10 years, but also the number of lives and economies ... read full works ››

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