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Like I Am Flying On Fire

Date: 10-10-2015 17:34

I met wet, fat, nut, cute as she can be,

my love for eternity she came to be.

Fun for a fifty hour day, in a way.

Heart that breaks me to pieces is her ass

Light As The Breeze

Date: 10-10-2015 17:30

Light as the breeze was the touch on the heart.

Or maybe he had it in his mind.

It was a wrong doing of some sort, that had a murder.

He really took it like nothing.

It hit him like a bolt, everytime he saw trouble.

Yes trouble made him think.

Life Happens

Date: 10-10-2015 17:24

If I wasn't bewitched by something, I don't know.

I would be a better writer than what I am now.

Yes, I am bewitched, and not brain dead from all the drugs.

I say so, because I am not dumb.

I know the real world and how it works.

Life Giving Love

Date: 10-10-2015 17:20

A sad face can be a bore,

When all you need is kisses and hug

And maybe a little more.

Some love

Or good loving

Let's Meet At Noon

Date: 10-10-2015 17:15

An arguement could be just that,

with your smile to take away what.

And me loosing the buts,

When we've talked it out it will be a date,

like lets meet at noon

Let Me Go Bad Dream

Date: 10-10-2015 17:12

I have been to many lives, with thought and living.

I just grew a minute ago, into what looks like a man.

Also the look alike of unbelievable hurt.

Not in a good, to those who've over lived.

I would like to please everyone,

I would like to the girl I love smile.

A Monster's Fear

Date: 09-10-2015 19:41

One monster takes over the world.  He is feared and no one can find his weakness.  His is found out that he is in love.  But he is afraid to show his love.The only thing that can save the people is if he falls in love.  In the end he falls inlove.

Lerato Le Sa Feleng

Date: 09-10-2015 19:03

Ke lerato la ka,

lerato le sa feleng

Ke tloile ke rata, ka kano.

Ka morata a le jwalo

Ya e ba hore lerato la ka ha le no fela

Killed By Daybreak

Date: 09-10-2015 19:01

There are games we play and seriousness we live.

We go out for drinks at clubs, at night like blood thirsty vampires.

Not just drinks they are.

They are a life different from the day.

Just Like A Ghost

Date: 09-10-2015 18:56

I had a life like no other

Everybody who mattered treasured me

It was peaceful life

Different from that I lived before

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