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Just Hoping For The Best

Date: 09-10-2015 18:53

I walked like a blind man for more than a million minutes.

It took just the right tart to take the heart that got stuck,

She was a darling to more than one,

she left me sing cries like an off tune radio.

When I picked myself up I was left hoping for the best.

Just Because

Date: 09-10-2015 18:50

Just because I couldn't

Doesn't mean that I wouldn't

It was a different moment when I lost

A costly time a fight is

Just A Note

Date: 09-10-2015 18:47

I wrong a note and left it for you

Did you see it?

Did you read it?

Did you like what was written?

Its Your Sexiness

Date: 09-10-2015 18:44

You are a girl, I'm a boy

You drive me crazy,

Like a clown

You are a star

Its your sexiness

It Only Takes A Touch

Date: 09-10-2015 18:40

When are sad, hopeless and loosing it

When you are dying inside

And life is hard.

Never wonder where life will come from

Never fear for all your troubles can be gone

With just touch.

In The Middle Of Something

Date: 09-10-2015 18:34

If the world needed me for something,

tell them I was in the middle of something.

the little joys of life like slipping and not falling,

and a little laugh afterwards is something.

A wonder about nothing another thing.

Inside The Mind

Date: 09-10-2015 18:29

Thinking is a pleasure that could include sex

Thoughts of you and her are like a need

When you are in love

When she is in love

or sometime when she is wondering about

Your sexiness and loving you

In Hot Water

Date: 08-10-2015 19:47

How did I take that wrong step?

It was suppose to be just a walk.

All we were going to do is just talk

Fatal walk it became for another

A hand in the mud

A longing for death

A sick feeling cast by thoughts

When you know you are in hot water

If I Was Strong

Date: 08-10-2015 19:41

My heart hurt like skin pierced by kneedles,

when she tell me what she likes.

I like strong women cause I am weak,

always the one to crumble like a cooky.

If I Had Ears

Date: 08-10-2015 19:37

I was a boy who walked with wide eyes, and shut ears.

Trouble never strayed too far from me.

Like a mouse I found danger and passed it, like I had wings.

One time, when luck was running out.

I got caught with my finger in the cooky jar.

I was still young , so they let me go.

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