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Mam-cos, Mam-bds, Mam-badss

Date: 20-01-2016 23:59

MAM-COS, MAM-BDS, MAM-BADss are self assessment/Clinical assessment scales for moods, mental and other symptoms associated with depression, bipolar disorders and clinical outcomes.

Edge Blink

Date: 16-12-2015 02:31

An OS that is very simple and used for schools. It has EBooks, Web Browser, notepad, and more. Teachers can view what student is doing as has been doing. Students can set nicknames and more.

Photo Entry Studio 1.0

Date: 20-10-2015 06:40

PHOTO ENTRY STUDIO 1.0 is a software developed for the aim of simplifying the whole task of preparing photo entry for either form two,form four or four six registration according to the NECTA requirements in a very short time,high accuracy and low cost.


Date: 12-10-2015 09:14

Pop Up Ads

Date: 08-10-2015 14:52

OW Shredder

Date: 06-10-2015 12:03
OW Shredder is an advanced security tool which allows you to completely erase secret data with all drive traces from your hard drives by overwriting it. Individual files, free disk space and entire volumes can by erased. In addition OW Shredder offers various tools to scan, analyze and wipe more drive information and traces. Beside of it OW Shredder supports a desktop widget, a cont ... read full works ››

마리우스 주요 센터

Date: 24-09-2015 11:44

Main Center is a module from 마리우스 과학 세계 that provides a Periodic Table of the Elements that provides details about all 118 chemical elements (atomic number, atomic mass, the origin of the name, melting point, boiling point, electronic configuration and other details) and can be displayed in multiple modes. In the Main Module you'll also find a Conversion t ... read full works ››

마리우스 파일 관리자

Date: 24-09-2015 11:42

File Manager is a module from 마리우스 과학 세계 that allows you to split large files in order to upload them to some cloud servers or to transport them using small-size storage media (CD/DVD/SSD/HDD/USB flash drives). This module can be registered as default file splitter/merger and can be integrated in the contextual menu of the operating system (O.S.).

마리우스 한글 노트북

Date: 24-09-2015 11:40

Hangul Notebook is a module from 마리우스 과학 세계 that allows you to create documents and provides some specific tools that are designed to Asian languages. This module allows you to open multiple document formats and also provides a Quick Memo tool that can be used to writes notes at the right bottom corner of the screen without minimizing other opened windows.

마리우스 전자의무기록

Date: 24-09-2015 11:38

Medical Records is a powerful module from 마리우스 과학 세계, designed to record medical observation sheets in order to keep a database with all your patients. This module allows you to detect pathologic values and abnormalities in their investigations, to process medical data with an advanced medical engine, updated with the latest algorithms and medical formula. ... read full works ››

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