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Hunters Vs Hunted

Date: 25-07-2014 03:49

The Hunters vs the hunted is an action packed game that will more likely than not keep you on your toes. It is a game you get to play as either predator or prey and the following are the details of what it consists of. 

Main Menu Screen

Has a list of options to choose from to enable the player navigate through ... read full works ››

My Temple

Date: 16-05-2014 06:18

My Temple

"Beloved, I pray that in all repects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul propers". John1:2



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Date: 11-05-2014 12:12

ozondays logo

music recording

Make Music Creator Recording Music



Centralized C# Compiler Using Cloud Computing

Date: 08-04-2014 14:58

Its a WEBBASED Application for colleges and enterprises so that they wont require additional software for each and every individual as it will increase the costing of the enterprises and colleges. Its a Centralized C# Compiler which compiles C# codes easily and return correct output in less amount of time.



Date: 28-02-2014 19:18

Pedagogusdigital.com és un programari per ajudar en la gestió d'un cap d'estudis de secundària. Proporciona programari per controlar les assistències, incidències, llibres de text, expedients disciplinaris, preavaluacions, avaluacions, crèdit de síntesi, actes etc.

Permet la importació de SAGA i també dels pro ... read full works ››

Business People

Date: 28-02-2014 14:39

we made a new system of ecommerce website that allows the client to earn money when buying a product or suggesting a friend to buy from us with intervention of binary network marketing 

Robinsons Island Craft

Date: 18-01-2014 14:23

Robinsons Island Craft for Android

Packagename: com.whitewesternarts.robinson.crusoe.world

Developed by: Larysa K. / Kiling S.

Developed with: Eclipse, Gimp, Java, Html

Pics, Icons, Texts: Aprove only WWA (White Western Arts)



Date: 25-10-2013 11:57

Stalked@Home is a 3d horror game based on the firebull engine and continues the story of Stalked.


Date: 13-10-2013 13:36

Stalked is a 3d horror game based on the firebull engine.

Grupo Cjmpr©

Date: 09-10-2013 23:40

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