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Date: 19-06-2012 09:54

2011.9 - GLMET was created by Jordan Fung (Gorrc Company Cheif                Executive Officer)             
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Oxford English Explanatory Dictionary

Date: 17-06-2012 13:41

* both Explanatory Dictionary and Thesaurus in one app
* instant searching as you are typing
* offline usage
* size 6MB (high compression)
* 107,267 explanations
* 1,5 million words
* 6 text font sizes available
* touch screen supported
* works on all java phones
* easy to use

Angle Based Routing Protocol For Manet

Date: 17-05-2012 15:33

Mobile ad-hoc networks is collection of mobile nodes that will results a wireless network without any fixed infrastructure or any other centralized administration. In such network the node acts as a source as well as a router. Since ... read full works ››

Peanut Computers

Date: 04-05-2012 01:36

The technology division of shabbay road productions

Pumpkin Computers

Date: 01-05-2012 01:05

an alternate neme and logo for grape computers

Doors Software

Date: 06-04-2012 22:29

The software producers for grape computers

Loan Allocation Problem - Solver

Date: 26-01-2012 11:25

The expected result of the research would be a mathematical model by which the bank can answer the following question given a loan application:

1-shall I ... read full works ››

Pc Care Advanced

Date: 04-12-2011 14:02

Design of PC Care Advanced

Network Analysis Software (NAS) Version 85 Or Nas-85

Date: 27-11-2011 12:00

The Network Analysis Software known as (NAS) version 85 is a software package to code and restore network data. A general network consists of two elements node and link. The user can develop a new network or edit an existing network on the platform provided by AutoCAD. Some certain attributes are associated to each node and link that are stored in an MS-Access database automatica ... read full works ››

New Browser Based Tool Bar (un-named Yet)

Date: 11-11-2011 09:23

New Project: New Browser based Tool Bar (Un-named yet)

This tool bar can be installed in any PC and will have the following features:

1. Peer to Peer connectivity enabled Chat, exchange of emails, Files and Documents, Social/Business/Private network with automatic dynamic encryption.

2. Host Web page and monitor visitors & hits

3. C ... read full works ››