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마리우스 전자의무기록

Date: 24-09-2015 11:38

Medical Records is a powerful module from 마리우스 과학 세계, designed to record medical observation sheets in order to keep a database with all your patients. This module allows you to detect pathologic values and abnormalities in their investigations, to process medical data with an advanced medical engine, updated with the latest algorithms and medical formula. ... read full works ››

마리우스 과학 세계

Date: 24-09-2015 11:35

마리우스 과학 세계 is a scientific suite that offers software solutions for management of medical data (advanced electronic medical records - EMR) and non-medical data (unit conversion), file management (file splitter, file merger), and provides scientific content (periodic table of the elements).

The software suite will install multiple modules:

Main Modu ... read full works ››


Date: 11-09-2015 15:43

Am Yateesh i have developed software need to copyright it soon please

Imagine Pack

Date: 05-09-2015 12:28

Imagine pack Our world today has evolved so much into a world of gadgets and the internet. People use the internet so much these days more than we interact, people socialise more on the internet more than they socialise in person. This is all happening from our infants to adults. Gadgets have made all this possible and easy because they are now much more portable and easy to use ... read full works ››


Date: 31-08-2015 03:04

Chattr Messenger

Date: 19-08-2015 19:03

Chattr messenger is a messaging app for android that allows users to chat from all over the world. I am hoping to copyrighr the name as the program its self uses open source code

File Extension Changer Wma Edition

Date: 17-08-2015 11:16

This program allows you to change the extension of any file into a WMA-file. You can do it in single mode, or also in Batch-mode. So you can change multiple files at once.

Welcome Computer Adri Mau

Date: 09-08-2015 05:02


Youtuber Playlist Site Creator Software

Date: 26-07-2015 23:32

YouTubeR Playlist Site Creator Software designs playlist style pages for YouTube videos.

Day By Day

Date: 24-07-2015 23:36

When it comes to the apocalypse, it is all about your way of thinking. Day by Day is a rough battle for the bare survival focused on thoughtful exploration, accurate decisions and rapid reactions in the frighten sewers and a frightening underground. Defy your fear, search for supplies, scout the surroundings, and keep in mind: Survival of the Fittest.

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