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Grupo Cjmpr©

Date: 09-10-2013 23:40

Grupo CJMPR© logos

Soft Amass India

Date: 28-08-2013 12:40

Soft Amass India ( SAI ) is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that convey genuine results to universal businesses, guarantying a level of confidence that no other firm can go with.

SAI proposes a consulting-led integrated collection of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its exceptional Global Network Escape Model (GNEM), recognized ... read full works ››

The School Grading System

Date: 17-07-2013 15:50


The JICO Geeks are the makers of this spectacular computer system. This system was made by KUNYIGA DERRICK KIZITO, KISHAN KALYAN, DANYAL YOSUF, AKSHEYDEEP SIGNH, DIVESH KUMAR, SEMPIJJA ARNOLD and MAKELLO INNOCENT.
The school grading system is a computer system that we have created to generate computerized report cards.
1.1 Entry makeup / co ... read full works ››

Star Fire

Date: 31-05-2013 07:12

This project is dedicated to the development of 3D game. 

Genre:  ... read full works ››


Date: 21-05-2013 17:01

X22© is an android application company planing to make low profit applications (which means low cost) for Android mobile phones, downloaded for free and paid for in an In-App purchase.


Date: 07-05-2013 18:23

A Andriod browser developing company


Date: 25-04-2013 07:47

According to Russel Dalton (2007), there are two types of citizenship: duty-based and engaged. Duty-based citizens suggest “voting, paying taxes, supporting a strong military, and promoting American values” as major obligations (p. 6). Although engaged citizens do not value voting, following the law, and keeping order as the highest priority, they are more likely to c ... read full works ››


Date: 02-04-2013 23:03

Berto é voltado para todos do meio jornalistico, principalmente para aqueles que estão estrando na área agora.

Mantenha-se informado com nossos feeds dos maiores sites do Brasil como: G1, Estadão, Epoca, Isto É, entre outros.

Crie seus artigos em cima da matéria dos sites, ou simplesmente tenha suas próprias ideias ... read full works ››

The Glmet Project

Date: 10-01-2013 12:49

The GLMET Project, was last a word encrypt software, GLMET/MLT.  Now, it is a Open-source software publisher of Visual Studio/Visual Basic/c++/c and c#.

Primavera For Ipad Power Pack

Date: 22-12-2012 20:18

Primavera for Ipad Power Pack is a unique set of applications that provides for user these features:

Primavera for Ipad

Provision of the ability to work with Enterprise Primavera Project Portfolio Management via web-interface on Ipad

Provision of the ability to work with e-mail via Enterprise Primavera Project Portfolio Management

SharePoint site f ... read full works ››

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