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A Field Manual On How To Start Your Business For Free

Date: 22-11-2012 04:38


When thinking about starting a business, most people want ... read full works ››

Elibrary Creator

Date: 03-08-2012 17:19

With \"eLibrary Creator\" you can make any eLibraries without having any special knowledge or skills. Using eLibrary creator you can create e-libraries with your e-content to distribute or sale with high security like RRK and USB Dongle.

It enables anyone to create, publish and market eLibraries with great ease and high security. Sophisticated and piracy free security is ... read full works ››


Date: 19-06-2012 09:54

2011.9 - GLMET was created by Jordan Fung (Gorrc Company Cheif                Executive Officer)             
... read full works ››

Oxford English Explanatory Dictionary

Date: 17-06-2012 13:41

* both Explanatory Dictionary and Thesaurus in one app
* instant searching as you are typing
* offline usage
* size 6MB (high compression)
* 107,267 explanations
* 1,5 million words
* 6 text font sizes available
* touch screen supported
* works on all java phones
* easy to use

Angle Based Routing Protocol For Manet

Date: 17-05-2012 15:33

Mobile ad-hoc networks is collection of mobile nodes that will results a wireless network without any fixed infrastructure or any other centralized administration. In such network the node acts as a source as well as a router. Since ... read full works ››

Peanut Computers

Date: 04-05-2012 01:36

The technology division of shabbay road productions

Pumpkin Computers

Date: 01-05-2012 01:05

an alternate neme and logo for grape computers

Doors Software

Date: 06-04-2012 22:29

The software producers for grape computers

Loan Allocation Problem - Solver

Date: 26-01-2012 11:25

The expected result of the research would be a mathematical model by which the bank can answer the following question given a loan application:

1-shall I ... read full works ››

Pc Care Advanced

Date: 04-12-2011 14:02

Design of PC Care Advanced