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Female Rejection Club

Date: 30-04-2015 11:43

its a tv series called the female rejection club. it hasnt been made yet or even official we are in the stages of completeing a partnership deal with channel 4

Pass Da Gauge By Big Snake, Feat (E Loc), remixed With Boyz-N-Da Hood movie clips

Date: 13-02-2015 16:03

This video was created under the "Creative Commons," (Atriibution Lisence 4.0 International), I am the creater of this video and own all the rights to this video under the "Creative Commons," by (Atribution 4,0 international). The music in this video is availble at "CD Baby," under "Creative Commons," By (Atr ... read full works ››

J.e.s.u.s Books

Date: 25-01-2015 10:13


Date: 13-01-2015 02:44

Finor focus films was created by yaniboy. Finor started producing music videos august 9th 2014. Finor focus films does everything from music videos, church services, skating video, commerical & actual films. I am not actually professional yet, but finor focus has movie starters that look very professional.

My Shoes

Date: 28-10-2014 07:17

The Yancy Show

Date: 25-10-2014 23:50

The Yancy Show is the Title of my T.V. Variety show:

Link: http://youtu.be/t3zmlmqRnxQ?list=UUIsyDZRqSBuJSYi7WsA8h_w

Ebola Prevention Advert

Date: 20-10-2014 11:42

its an advert about the prevention of ebola by sanitizing your hands with dettol hand sanitizer.which features kids.

Made For T.v. Guide

Date: 14-10-2014 07:36

https://twitter.com/MADE4T_VGUIDE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaHOCvX855RzLJs9WRa_1mw https://www.facebook.com/OneVoic

Track Banditz Reject Da Illest- Redzone

Date: 09-10-2014 22:14

I wrote and rapped this song

Reject Da Illest - My Dance Song (prod. By Bigg Mic)

Date: 09-10-2014 22:06

This is a song I wrote and put the vocals on.