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Perfectv Network

Date: 26-11-2011 16:42


Student Music Television, Community Based Tv Production Program , Www.smtvindonesia.com

Date: 22-11-2011 09:49

Student Music Television (SMTV), community based tv production program , www.smtvindonesia.com

Music edutainment program collaborating student community and music community

Indonesian TV Episodes serial for local tv networks.

Khandagiri $ Udayagiri Caves

Date: 12-11-2011 08:22

khandagiri $ udayagiri caves


Date: 29-10-2011 07:18

Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Ft Adam Levine Mp3 Download

Dolores Malaise

Date: 02-10-2011 08:07

Dreams are a portal to the realm of the soul. Fantasy and reality merge in an explosive harmony to reveal the inner workings of the mind. By erasing any trace of reality and the commonplace, the dream scape should allow the spectator to enter the mind of the dreamer, making the spectator susceptible to every wince and heartbeat experienced by the dreamer. Highly experimental in n ... read full works ››

Orange Crush

Date: 02-10-2011 08:03

The hallucinatory nature of this film coincides with the exploration of the mind by illustrating the senses audible and visible ability to transcend into another atmosphere and state of being. Experimental in nature and shot in Super 8 and Digital, Orange Crush cheers for the stoner\'s, Sativa and Indica, while they both try to make sense of their shiny boots of leather and Sever ... read full works ››

The Global Tumbleweed

Date: 02-10-2011 07:55

The Global Tumbleweed is an informative documentary style short coming from one individuals perspective, Elena Buenrostro, who engages sculpture and performance art in her quest to learn and understand the continued use of plastic bags in grocery stores in her city, San Diego, California. Elena\'s plastic bag dress creation constructed from 400 recycled plastic bags (about the am ... read full works ››

Ash's Universe

Date: 10-09-2011 12:25

This is the Ash\'s Universe Production. The fastest growing Channel on Youtube.This Channel Present you all things in High Defination (HD).
It is designed by Aishwary and company . It is for all age peoples and does not content any adult content.
It pro ... read full works ››

The Amusing Life Of Billy Moore

Date: 26-07-2011 06:37

These are 3 amusing short films under series \"The amusing life of Billy Moore\", produced by me under my own production house-RanjanaKiran Productions. 

Britney Sanders [official Music Video] Giddy Up Boy

Date: 23-07-2011 16:30

britney sanders getting ready her big comeback.

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