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Escape Films

Date: 02-04-2011 02:20

Escape Films creates films from different photos combined together. Escape Films also produced logos, photos, and banners.

Distant Yet Unspeakable

Date: 19-02-2011 15:43

Easy Listening Piano Theme.

10 Minutes

Date: 05-09-2006 19:28

A women knocks on a young girls (Lizzie) door.  There is something about the woman is extremely intriguing to Lizzie.

The woman and Lizzie sit at Lizzies kitchen table and have a conversation.  They  get into a discussion of the death of Lizzies mother, Jean.  Lizzie asks the woman questions that she would like to ask her mother.  ... read full works ››

Cold Blood

Date: 20-03-2006 16:28

This is a script entitled Cold Blood.  It is a story of school kids and their interaction with friends and a gruesome discovery.

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