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French Eagle Gaming

Date: 03-01-2016 02:20

French website for community of gaming. I have created this website on december 2015 (12/28/2015) for my team.


Date: 03-01-2016 01:59

to write from the heart, mind, and soul words that may turn around a life. that may save a soul from being lost in a world that don't have the time to held the few that has fallen though the crackes. understanding the Bible is not easy for so of the more learned Bible reader. I want to try to help those who falls down to get up and keep tring till they get it right.

Du Times

Date: 28-12-2015 12:21

It is a student run website that serves the student news, acts as the voice of students in DU


Date: 26-12-2015 10:20

"soniasankpal.16mb.com" is my personal blog to add my poems and other writings.


Date: 19-12-2015 14:31


Government Jobs News

Date: 03-12-2015 19:53

This website's name and its design and its contant all are my creation and i want that nobody would copy and paste them any where for commercial use. It can be used for personaly. I have atteched a screenshot photo of my admin page for proof that I am the owner of this website. I publish this website for the people who searching real news, admit card, result for personal use.

Virginiatrappers.com Web Site

Date: 02-12-2015 02:25

Virginia Trappers Association , VTA web site and logos used on web site a long with photos and doc. with in the site


Date: 22-11-2015 04:42

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Cobble Universe

Date: 13-11-2015 21:35

Cobble Universe Network 2014 - 2015


Date: 27-10-2015 14:55

Io voglio proteggere il mio sito da copia

Il sito è:  mobilew.wix.com/watch

In particolare l'idea è quella di visualizzare tutte le app di sistema di ogni singolo telefono sul mio sito inserendo un video in una foto dello smartphone e facendolo apparire reale

Non voglio che mi sia copiata questa idea

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